Western Dragon has exclusive access to private gun clubs and ranges - giving you access to hundreds of weapons - including machine guns, hand guns, shot guns, rifles, classic revolvers, bows, hatchets, and more. You can shoot from helicopters and Hummers in the desert to fixed targets in the distance. You will never forget these world-class shooting experiences.


Luxury Real Estate

Western Dragon's authorized Christie's real estate agents will take you via helicopters on private luxury real estate tours of Jackson Hole, Moab, and Las Vegas. If you like what you see, you can purchase the perfect luxury property of your choice in these incredible regions. Our Christie's agents will show you only the finest properties available, and walk you through the process of purchasing your dream American home.


Exotic Car Racing

After landing at the race track in Las Vegas on your private helicopter, you can choose from a variety of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, and McLaren luxury race cars to speed around the track. You can approach 200mph on our private track, and race until you're ready for your lobster lunch.

Experience authentic American cowboy rodeos!

Authentic Cowboy Lifestyle

Instead of your cookie-cutter horse back rides, Western Dragon's full-time wranglers will show you how to ride, lasso, and work the ranch. One of our expert ranch hands will fit you with your own personalized and branded cowboy hat. Your horseback adventures will take you on the same trails as John Wayne and Butch Cassidy, then you'll finish your days at the saloon with good company. Did we mention we provide private rodeos?


Harley Davidson

Open roads in the American West are a dream come true for many bikers. Take your pick of your favorite Harley and bring your friends out for a long ride. We'll provide the motorcycles and guides to make it a lifelong memory. Feel free to purchase your favorite bike, and maybe one for a special someone. We'll help you ship it back to your home.

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Native American Culture and Art

Western Dragon has exclusive access to the foremost expert on Native American culture in the United States - Michael Badhand. You will be immersed in the ancient society as Badhand takes you on excursions into the wilderness to see real Indians, their lifestyle, weapons, horses, warrior spirit, and fine art and artifacts. You will have the opportunity to shoot Indian rifles, use their tools, and even take some of these authentic cultural pieces home with you.


Exclusive VIP Clubs

Western Dragon's reputation provides our clients with access to the finest social events, day and night clubs, and private events. You will enjoy the Western authenticity at the Silver Dollar Bar in Jackson Hole, and the extreme nightlife at Las Vegas' most elite nightclub - TAO.

Fly in style and class on private jets

Private Charter Jets

Depending on the adventure you choose, you will enjoy the prime luxury of Western Dragon's private jets. No need to bother with commercial airlines and busy roads. Western Dragon has you covered from any corner of the planet. This luxury is unparalleled, and you deserve the privacy and comfort.

Helicopter tours with breath taking sites and lights of Las Vegas

Private Helicopters

Throughout your Western Dragon travels, you will be able to discover the wonders of the American West from a bird's eye vantage point. In your typical 100k Grand Adventure, you will fly in helicopters to see the beautiful terrain, luxury properties, land in the Grand Canyon, and even shoot targets in the desert. When not in a helicopter, you may be on a Harley, luxury car or limo, and even lifted trucks and jeeps.

Explore the desert in fun filled Razor vehicles

Extreme Outdoors

No adventure is outside the bounds of Western Dragon. For the adventure seekers, we will provide you with every possible option to feed your adrenaline rush. Take your pick - rodeos, car racing, shooting machine guns, Jeeps, UTVs, skydiving, chasing bears up trees, petting owls and eagles, biking, jet skis on rivers and lakes, white water rafting, and much more.


Outdoor Skills and Survival

Fishing in the shadow of the Grand Tetons on private property is just a taste of what you can experience with Western Dragon's expert guides. On Western Dragon Adventures you can learn how to start fires from scratch, survive in the outdoors, climb and rappel cliffs, track and hunt small animals, and navigate the great outdoors with confidence. Whether you're already a skilled outdoorsman yourself, or just starting, Western Dragon will provide the locations and resources that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Executive Privacy

What is executive privacy? Western Dragon can cater specifically to executives, CEOs, and professionals looking for a private getaway. Whether it's a personal vacation to get away from the office, or your company is treating foreign business leaders to strike a big deal, Western Dragon can customize your adventure to focus on what's most important to you. Interpreters of ANY language can be provided by Western Dragon for your business needs. This is our expertise.


World-Class Resorts

Western Dragon partners with Aman Resorts, the Aria, Mandarin Oriental, and the finest luxury resorts in the American West to provide you with first class experiences. You cannot find higher rated resorts than Western Dragon partner hotels and resorts. We spare no expense in maintaining the title as the Most Exclusive and Luxury Experience in the United States.

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